PATRIOT LEDGER: Former city councilor plans run for school committee

QUINCY – A longtime city councilor and onetime mayoral candidate plans to run for school committee.

Doug Gutro, 52, who spent 10 years in the Ward 5 city council seat and then four more in an at-large seat on council, said that his kids are the main motivating factor in running for the school board.

“I have two pretty compelling reasons to run: my sons, who are 13 and 12,” the Wollaston resident said.

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Gutro Announces bid for School Committee pledging a focus on neighborhood schools and vital programs

QUINCY - Pledging a focus on neighborhood schools and advocacy for investments in education, former City Councilor, and City Council President, Doug Gutro today announced his candidacy for the Quincy School Committee.

“As a father of two boys in the Quincy Public School System, I have a vested interest in working to sustain and improve our public school system,” said Gutro.  “I’ve seen, first hand, the value of our school system and recognize its importance to our children as well as to our a community as a whole.”  Doug’s son Brian will be attending Quincy High School in the fall and Scott will be entering the 8th grade at Central Middle School.  Both boys attended Beechwood Knoll School.

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