Patriot Ledger: Quincy snow contractors among Mayor Koch's political donors

Patriot Ledger
Jessica Trufant & Patrick Ronan
Saturday June 13, 2015

QUINCY – Employees from several of the private contractors that cashed in on Quincy’s historic snowfall and resulting $13.5 million cleanup have plowed money into Mayor Thomas Koch’s bid for re-election the past eight months.

Of the 17 contractors that made more than $100,000 plowing and hauling snow in Quincy, 40 employees from six companies donated $21,150 to Koch’s political campaign from Oct. 1 to June 6, according to reports filed with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Donations from these 40 individuals account for 7 percent of what Koch raised during that time span. Most of those people work for Feeney Brothers Excavation of Dorchester and C. Naughton Corp. of West
Bridgewater, two of the three highest-paid contractors in Quincy this past winter.

The city’s snow spending has come under scrutiny because cities of larger or comparable size, like Worcester, Brockton and Lowell, spent far less on storm cleanup.


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